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Mosaic Installation



• The mosaic piece is supplied directly from the factory glued to a fiber mesh backing, ensuring that each of the hand-cut marble mosaic tiles remains firmly in place during shipment. Our mosaics are made from hand-cut mosaic tiles and each tile is 3/8 inch deep and approximately 1/3 wide.

 • Our mosaics are made from natural colored marble, granite and other natural stones, making them so resistant to any weather condition.

• We ship our mosaic pieces rolled like a rug so all you need to do is unroll it upon unpacking.

• Installation of the mosaic is carried out in a similar manner as installing standard ceramic tiles. Although there is no need for the mosaics to be installed by a professional we would recommend this for larger mosaics

• To install it upon the wall or on the ceiling, you can glue it to a wood panel and fix the wood panel to the wall.

Installation Steps

1- Remove the paper backing from the mosaic and gently remove any excess glue.  

2- Install Floor or Wall Tile Adhesive to the area in which the mosaic is to be installed. 

3- Place and level the mosaic into the Tile Adhesive, utilizing a wooden block to even the level the mosaic tiles.

4- After 24 hrs, apply Tile Grout to the mosaic, removing any excess grout with a damp cloth prior to drying.

5- Once the Tile Grout is dry, apply a Marble Tile Sealant (available from most leading DIY stores) to the mosaic to seal the marble and bring out the unique characteristics of each tile.

6- Enjoy the life-long beauty of your very own Mosaic Marble!